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Learning through JB’s Interests

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

At the outset, I decided it would be more effective for JB to learn through topics he has already shown an interest in. So the theme for this week was Paddington Bear.

Many of his activities have had direct relevance to the book, which he wants read to him every evening at bedtime and he is mostly happy to just listen, although he also loves looking at his favourite pictures. In English, he listened to modelled language describing a particular picture as he coloured it in, which allowed him to verbally respond without any pressure on him and this is helping to expand his vocabulary, engage in conversation and reinforce correct grammar. Also included was colour and shape recognition and he learned about some London landmarks. By Friday, JB was able to simply describe the beginning, middle and end of the story. He enjoyed making orange marmalade, sandwiches and cupcakes which culminated into a tea party. Of course the making of the marmalade and cupcakes involves, measuring, counting, coordination, new vocabulary and language, seeing changes of food and best of all the tasting. Rich maths, physical, organisational and science activities.

His physical play involved mostly trampolining, dancing and karate which is a new found love as daddy is black belt and two sisters practiced it for many years in their youth, so he has lots of teachers available! Ample music was enjoyed, playing the cello, singing songs from Coco and many afternoons watching Sheku Kanneh-Mason on You Tube. He also did lots of mark-making and hand over hand writing.

B helping himself to his morning snack which encourages independence

ouncing is an effective proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input

The topics we have planned in the coming weeks include Easter, Dragons, Coco, monkeys and forests including the rainforest. All these will be high motivation topics for JB that will comfortably sit within the aims of his learning, with consistency and repetition which is key in cementing his learning into long term memory.

JB is preparing his lunch with support.

In case you are wondering why the marmalade is a browny-orange, and the cake mixture is also brown, it is because JB’s diet is sugar free and we used coconut sugar to sweeten these. He is also wheat, dairy and gluten free, so we had to find specialist recipes that used coconut oil instead of butter, and coconut flour, although we could also have used almond flour.

Thanks for sharing our week. Please check in next week, where we will explore sensory activities in more detail… have a great weekend 🙂

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