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August 31, 2017

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Down's Syndrome: Whats worked for my son

February 22, 2016

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Correcting speech problems in children

May 13, 2013

A speech programme, which concentrates on visual speech perception, is the latest addition to the ARROW learning system.  The new speech programme is designed to develop the speech of both children and adults with speech problems for those who may have special needs such as Down’s syndrome, autism and the hearing impaired who may have issues with basic speech articulation. 

Cornelia Bonterre, head tutor and consultant at ARROW, which is an acronym for Aural, Read, Respond, Oral, Write, said the new speech programme has benefits that include improvement in muscular reactions in producing sounds and overall influencing brain regions used to produce speech resulting in greater clarity as well as influencing the auditory brain. 

Lip-reading or speech-reading is a major aspect of speech therapy. 

Bonterre explained: “Research shows in most situations that we lip-read from a talkers tongue, teeth, eyes, mouth, jaw, cheeks, head and even eyebrows. Lip-reading or speech reading influences the auditory brain as well as the brain regions used to produce speech. Lip-reading also induces activity in corresponding muscles (the McGurk effect). Speech perception on its own is a multi-sensory function,” Bonterre said.