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August 31, 2017

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February 22, 2016

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Epigenetics and Attitude

January 7, 2016


In the past , it was assumed our genes were inherited and could not be changed. In recent years and fortunately for me before JB, my son,was born, scientists have discovered that genes are in fact changeable dependent on environmental influences. So what kinds of things change our genes? Firstly, nutrition which many of us by now are aware of. In addition though and equally important are our actions, thoughts, our unconscious beliefs, our emotions, perceptions, exercise, toxins, daylight, sunlight and attitudes!What does this mean for us and our children; born and unborn? It means we are the drivers, we have the power and control over our health in every way: mental, emotional, physical, cognitive. All this of course also gives us greater responsibilities over our total being and that of our loved ones.I started to read on the subject when I was pregnant with JB. Thus I began to practice daily manageable activities that would influence his genes and give him a greater headstart in life and for the rest of it. So, this is how it works: if you play a musical instrument during pregnancy, your child's musical genes will be expressed and have a natural inclination for music. If you deeply engage and study the concept of speed and velocity, dance, design or lay around and do nothing much, those genes will be expressed in your baby.

  • Moving - I began to exercise more. I had practiced yoga for around 11 years and this was a natural continuation for me althou