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ATLANTIC funded Cap de Ville A.R.R.O.W. Certification !

At the Teacher Training Certification held at the Cap de Ville Primary School in Point Fortin on the 8th of February, from left ot right Principal Mrs Joseph(principal), Mrs Lenoor-Richardson,, Ms Soomai, Ms Scott-Paul, Ms Cromwell, Ms Cooper and Chris Bonterre Director ARROW Foundation.

Teachers who were initially trained in the ATLANTIC Funded ARROW Programme, at Cap de Ville Primary School who have persevered to complete their training and reports, today received the international recognition being added to the ARROW Register of Trained Tutors, joining hundreds of tutors trained worldwide in the ARROW Self Voice techniques.

The fact that all 5 teachers who initially under took their training in November 2018 have today all received certification, is testimonial to the school , its principal, and the teacher’s ongoing commitment, to giving the students at the school the best possible opportunities for success.

A.R.R.O.W. continues be administered with students at the school and the trained teachers are committed to ensuring all the students at the school benefit for the Brain Based Multi sensory intervention, which they now have at their school.

Both A.R.R.O.W and the staff and management at Cap de Ville Primary School thank ATLANTIC for this opportunity to really make a difference in educating our children and for supporting this important Nation Building drive! They also thank ATLANTIC for its ongoing commitment to supporting schools in the Point Fortin and its environs with the much needed literacy Support Programme.

The Principal Mrs Joseph giving a special thank you to ATLANTIC for allowing

The School to have access to the Programme and to supporting their Literacy


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