Testimonials about the

A.R.R.O.W.  Programme

Ms. Lue Ann Carrington

My name is Ms Lue Ann Carrington, I am Special Educator and I work as a Teacher 1 Primary at the Egypt Village Government School which is located in the borough of Point Fortin. Myfirst encounter with the Arrow Foundation was when I was pursuing my degree in special education. In 2013 I read an article in the Express newspaper about a  new Advanced Speech Programme which concentrates on visual speech perception. I began doing research into the work that the foundation was doing and learnt that at that time they were operating for about a decade and had significantly improved hundreds of children’s learning potential in schools across Trinidad and Tobago, and that of many children who continue to attend the ARROW Centre in Port of Spain.


I attended the official launch of the Advanced Speech Programme that took place in May at the Normandie Hotel in St Ann’s. At the launch I gathered information which I took back to my school.Together with the foundation a project proposal was designed for the implementation of the programme. This proposal was presented at a stakeholders meeting in September of 2013 and bore fruit in 2015 when Atlantic sponsored the first phase.

The students have benefited tremendously from the ARROW Programme and have shown great improvement with their reading, spelling, understanding and overall performance. What was also noted was the students enthusiasm to learn using an interactive method. Students approach me asking, "Miss when they coming to do the reading programme again?"while others ask " Miss will you choose me next time?" 


At our school we have many challenges with literacy and are using every resource and avenue available to meet curriculum goals, in my professional opinion ARROW's programme implemented for a longer period and with a greater student count will be of great benefit to our school.