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Children's Book Recommendations! 🇹🇹

Updated: Feb 1

In this post, we'll be highlighting a variety of children's books, produced by authors based in Trinidad and Tobago! Many of these writers brilliantly volunteered to tell stories to the children of East Port of Spain for Literacy Day Extravaganza in 2022 - (you can read all about that event HERE)

  1. Boysie and the Kiskadee by Britta Rajkumar

This wonderful story is set in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where Boysie our hero, has befriended Mr. Kiskadee and the other forest animals.

In the book, Mr. Kiskadee has just lost his home - a nest in a tree that Mr. Mean Tractor has cut down. Boysie now has a huge task to help Mr. Kiskadee find a new home, alongside learning how to help save our island’s environment, something that local readers can directly recognise and relate to!

This book is available to purchase in the following places:

Amazon - have a look at the link below:

Scribbles and Quills in Chaguanas, Trinidad - @scribbles_and_quills and online via :

2. ‘Mertrina Marine Minded - The Mini Marine-Biologist's Guidebook’ by Katrina Khan-Roberts

This book is a perfect companion for those who are curious about marine biology, and would like to learn more!

Know any young ones (or grown ups!) with a passion for the sea, and the life that exists within it? Follow Mertrina as she imparts the basics of Marine Biology. This book will guide aspiring marine biologists through the foundational understanding of concepts needed for future study. Learn about the sea and how to protect it!’

Author Katrina Khan-Roberts is a Tourism, Health, Safety and Environment professional with special interest in the sustainable use of the coastal zone and conservation of the marine ecosystem . As a woman from the small island developing state of Trinidad and Tobago, she sees the importance of understanding human relationships with nature towards a sustainable future.

This book is appropriate for ages 8-18

You can purchase the book via:


Scribbles and Quills in Chaguanas, Trinidad or online:

Paper based Bookshop, St. Anns, PoS Trinidad

Nigel R Khan (check availability)

3. Adventures of AGRIMAN Comic Books by Alpha Sennon

Dive into the world of AGRIMAN and PhotosyntheSista, the world's 1st Food and Nutrition Security Superheroes, that inspires future feeders.