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Dow Village pupils get learning boost

A new world of learning has opened up for 30 pupils from Dow Village Government Primary School, California. They benefitted from training delivered by the Arrow Foundation which is sponsored by Methanex Trinidad Limited.

Nicholas Ramsingh, a pupil of Dow Village Government Primary School, participates in the Methanex-sponsored Arrow training programme, while class teacher, Camilla Courtney, lends support.

ARROW stands for Aural, Read, Respond, Oral, Write. The technique was first developed in 1975 in the United Kingdom by Dr Colin Lane. It applies the use of the self-voice—a recording of the learner’s own voice while reading—which forms the basis of the multi-sensory learning approach.

Catering to students from standards One to Five, the project is a continuation of Methanex’s longstanding partnership with Dow Village Government Primary School, under the Point Lisas Energy Association initiative for companies in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate to support fenceline schools.

A release said the company has supported Dow Village’s development by establishing a library, upgrading the school’s playground, providing fire extinguishers and guidance on emergency response and a plastic recycling programme. The local foundation is a non-profit organisation led by director Christopher Bonterre. Through its partnership with the company the organisation has already provided an advantage for 45 students from primary and secondary schools in Tobago.

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