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Stroke victim improves speech with ARROW

The world of communication has been re-opened to stroke victim, Dr Selwyn Beharry who has been able to improve his ability to talk through the ARROW Speech Programme.

According to Dr Beharry, “When I heard about this programme I didn’t hesitate to sign up and within six weeks my speech had improved significantly. Now I am able to communicate better and that has removed the burden of frustration from my shoulders. Because of ARROW, I also saw dramatic improvements in my memory and understanding. I have been able to return to my practice and I feel like I have my life back. I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to get back their speech and their life.”

Developed over 40 years ago in the United Kingdom by Dr Colin Lane, ARROW stands for Aural - Read - Respond - Oral - Write. The technique is focused on reading, spelling, dictation, speech and listening skills which produce significant results in those who have learning difficulties. The computer-based learning also applies use of the self-voice – a recording of the learner’s own voice – which forms the basis of the multi-sensory learning approach.

Launched in Trinidad on May 16, 13 persons, including Dr Beharry, have already been helped by the ARROW Speech Programme which has been very successful in the UK with marked increases in both communication and memory skills of participants. Since inception, the Foundation has also impacted on the lives of hundreds of students across Trinidad and Tobago through remedial reading and writing training.

The local ARROW Foundation is a non-profit organisation operating for the past nine years and is led by director Christopher Bonterre. “The ARROW Speech Programme can benefit anyone in terms of speech, reading, spelling and working short term memory. There has been a great deal of success with adults suffering from the effects of stroke and brain injury. The methods are very effective and participants get to work at their own pace in a structured and efficient system designed to get results,” Bonterre said.

The programme has received positive reviews from experts, including internationally recognised speech and language therapist, Louise Gresswell who commented on the stroke patients’ increased confidence, fluency, and expanding expressive language through the programme.

To find out more about the ARROW Foundation, including the Speech Programme, you can visit or call 624-9063

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