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Arrow Foundation, Shell help East PoS pupils with literacy skills

This article was featured in Trinidad Guardian newspaper on Monday 10 March 2023.

Through a partnership launched in October 2022, Shell Trinidad Ltd and the ARROW foundation have made good on their commitment to improving the literacy skills of over 200 primary school children based in East Port of Spain.

The positive effects of ARROW multi sensory learning systems are being demonstrated by students motivation to learn and boost in their self-esteem, which has led to significantly enhanced reading and spelling skills.

These fruitful gains have been hailed by teachers, principles and parents from the selected schools who have witnessed the progress of the students - including marked improvement in behaviour as well as academic skills. “Since this training started, my daughter has improved her reading by leaps and bounds" said Lisa de Leon, whose daughter Ellione attends Morvant Government Primary School.

“She is more confident and eager to try anything and overall, she is accepting the challenge of learning with renewed confidence. This is a new start to a better future for her, and all the other ARROW students” De Leon added.

A pupil at St. Barbz Government Primary School focuses on improving his literacy skills via the Shell Trinidad and ARROW initiative.

A Standard Three teacher of Excel Beetham Estate Government Primary said one particular student showed an exceptional improvement in his academic performance. “His reading level has improved from guided to independent reading with fluency, and his self-esteem has also improved to the point that now he is helping his peers”

This trend of increased motivation and confidence in students is being related by all the educators and parents are provided feedback on the shell arrow literacy initiative. Previously withdrawn and socially introverted students now exhibit self belief and a positive approach towards their academics and overall attitudes.

Managing director of the ARROW foundation, Christopher Bonterre said “If our goal is to help every single child in their educational journey, regardless of their literacy level, than it is of paramount importance to implement literacy systems, which can support learners of all kinds.

Shell Trinidad is working with us to make this a reality by helping the children who are facing the greatest challenges. Having assisted over 1700 students since 2012, they are transforming the educational landscape of East Port of Spain, and our nation as a whole".

Bonterre said that the ARROW system incorporates self voice techniques, while actively undertaking various programmes covering reading, spelling, dictation, speech and listening skills. Children learn material via the sound of their own voice, which has been known to alter neural processes, allowing them to retain information, much more efficiently than typical modes of learning.

Pupils from Piccadilly Primary perform their poem during the launch of Shell and ARROW Literacy Day Extravaganza in October 2022.

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